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Foundry “Ucayali River, Peru” 90%


Dotted along the banks of Peru’s Ucayali River, you’ll find family-owned farms growing some of the world’s best cacao. From this simple ingredient we create a delightfully delicate chocolate layered with subtle floral and berry notes. While Ucayali River, Peru evokes flavours of subdued spices, wildflowers and blackcurrants it’s simply the cacao’s origin talking – plus organic cane sugar and our obsession for preserving the flavours of provenance. And because your senses are unique, you may discover characters and aromas others may not – that’s the magic of Foundry Chocolate.

Gold Medal winner in the NZ Chocolate Awards 2020 & Silver Medal winner in the Outstanding NZ Food Producer Awards 2020.

  • 90% cocoa
  • 70g
  • Dairy Free, Gluten Free, Soy Free and 100% Plant Based.

Ingredients: Cacao Beans & Organic Cane Sugar. The Cacao Beans are Uncertified Organic. No added cacao butter, lecithin or vanilla.


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