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Baron Hasselhoff’s

For centuries, the Cacao Illuminati had waited for Chocolate’s Chosen One.  Then in 2012, they found him.  Well, they caught him skinny-dipping in their sacred chocolate fountain.  But as they hosed him off (which was awkward for everyone) they saw his birthmark shaped like a cacao bean – and knew he was it. Right away, they made him Baron of their chocolate castle and taught him their dark chocolate secrets. Ever since, he’s been traveling the world searching for ingredients and inspiration. Sending recipes back to his Wellington HQ, where they’re expertly hand-made by his chocolate disciples.

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Be Happy

We are proud to be creating a range of chocolate that is delicious, dairy-free and refined sugar-free. We hand-make all of our chocolate in small batches. we first grind our cacao until it is silky smooth before combining it with the best raw, organic, unrefined ingredients in a way that preserves their natural goodness. We source our ingredients from suppliers who operate ethically and give their growers a fair deal.

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We are a small company in the big world of chocolate – but we know that makes us special. We thoughtfully care for every part of what we do. Bennetto Natural Foods Company was founded by Lucy Bennetto in 2010, a real food lover and inspiration behind everything we do.

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We make delicious, ethical chocolate using premium organic cocoa beans, unrefined coconut sugar and other whole organic foods. Our chocolate is minimally processed using simple, sustainable ingredients. We stone grind our chocolate in small batches to retain flavour and nutrition.

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At Foundry Chocolate, we celebrate and accentuate the remarkable personalities of the world’s finest cacao by crafting and aging micro-batches of award winning bean-to-bar craft chocolate from scratch – using only two ingredients: Cacao Beans and Organic Sugar – all from our little foundry in Mahurangi, New Zealand.

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We make our bars from the finest ethically sourced cocoa beans the world has to offer, directly trading with growers and buying organic when possible. Our Single Origin dark chocolate is made using only three ingredients: Cocoa Beans, Organic Cane Sugar and Organic Cocoa Butter.

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Honest Chocolat

Honest Chocolat was born at the beginning of 2016 in a converted garage in Snells Beach, through the collaboration of husband and wife team Nico and Emily Bonnaud. Not being those to take the easy route, the business began as a side project to full time occupations as Pastry Chef and Interior Designer with weekend markets and online sales, and a commitment to using unique and high quality single origin chocolate.

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La Petite

La Petite Chocolate is an artisan chocolate shop and a creative confection kitchen locally owned and operated in Hawkes Bay. Our mission is to provide top quality chocolate products in the most environmentally and socially responsible way. Our chocolate has purpose. We believe in achieving commercial success while implementing ethical, honest and sustainable working practices.

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Marou spent its early years scouring the Vietnamese countryside for great cacao. In trial and error, we met so many wonderful characters and got lost in such extraordinary places. The Marou adventure came to include budding engineers, old soldiers and die-hard pastry chefs. A curious taste for chocolate drew them all into Marou’s tent. We’re so much richer for having them.

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OCHO founder Liz Rowe started making chocolate back in 2013. She loved chocolate, but was curious about where it came from. From kitchen-bench experiments she grew a successful boutique business. Fast forward five years and OCHO was sold to more than 3,000 small investors on the back of the announcement of the closure of the Dunedin Cadbury Factory.


Ola Pacifica

Ola Pacifica wanted to produce the most decadent dairy-free dark chocolate that tastes just as good if not better than normal confectionery milk chocolate. Because of dairy allergies, there was preference for particular ingredients and processing, and the difference is in the taste.

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Made in Greytown since 2002, Schoc Chocolates is a unique blend of gourmet chocolate and self-exploration. We combine the joy and health benefits of consuming quality chocolate with a deeper understanding of one’s inner self.

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She Universe

At She Universe, we are not only Chocolate Specialists, but true Chocolate Alchemists who breathe and follow the vastness of chocolate – its depth, wonder and magic to bring you the gold of true chocolate experience. We are New Zealand’s only Chocolatiers and Confiseurs in that we craft both from the cacao bean and work with the finest full bean chocolate crafted for us by Trade Aid right here in Christchurch, in a blend of three origins: Ecuador, Peru and the Dominica.

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Seriously Good Chocolate Company

The Seriously Good Chocolate Company is a flourishing Invercargill-based business making quality handmade gourmet chocolates that imbue the real tastes of New Zealand. We source our ingredients and our produce from the heart of Southland and New Zealand.

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Solomons Gold

Embracing our own traditional roasting and artisan techniques, all of our chocolates are handcrafted in-house in Mount Maunganui. Our mission is to preserve the unique taste profile, whose origin belongs to one place and its people… the Solomon Islands.

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The Remarkable Chocolate Company

We make award winning, high quality, artisan chocolate right here in New Zealand. We use beautiful, sustainable and delicious ingredients, and we buy and use local when ever we can. We are true foodies, and our passion is matching high-quality chocolate with real ingredients in delicious combinations for every season and occasion.

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Wellington Chocolate Factory

We don’t just make NZ’s highest quality, organic, ethically sourced and traded, award-winning, bean to bar chocolate (as if that isn’t enough). We dream of creating a better tasting world, for our suppliers and customers alike.

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