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For the love of chocolate.

The Chocolate Station is home to one of New Zealand’s most extensive collections of craft chocolates.

The Chocolate Station is centrally located at Blenheim Station (next to The Wine Station) and is home to an impressive selection of over 100 craft chocolates lovingly produced by the most acclaimed chocolatiers and “bean-to-bar” chocolate makers from across New Zealand and the Pacific region.

There are many similarities between the worlds of chocolate and wine – with references to “single estate”, “terroir”, “climate” and “flavours” all interchangeable between both. A quality artisan chocolate, like a good wine, comes with a range of flavour profiles to suit every palate. In fact, quality chocolate is one of the few products with a broader and more complex flavour profile than wine.

Due to Omicron, The Chocolate Station is hibernating from the 12th March and will be reopening again later in the year.

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